Are Stainless Steel Crowns Necessary for Baby Teeth?

Are Stainless Steel Crowns Necessary for Baby Teeth?

Are Stainless Steel Crowns Necessary for Baby Teeth?

Are Stainless Steel Crowns Necessary for Baby Teeth?

April 30, 2021

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It is common knowledge that your child’s teeth fall out to give way to permanent teeth. Normally, your child’s milk teeth will all fall out by the time the child is 13 years old. Before then, you must take care of their temporary teeth. Your best option is to take them to a pediatric dentist during this time. Tooth decay and cavities may occur, and these may hamper your young one’s eating.

To address this issue, it is best to opt for a stainless-steel crown. Keep in mind that not all children need crowns. Your baby’s milk teeth act as placeholders for their permanent teeth that will grow later. They help to guide the growing permanent teeth into place.


Signs That Your Baby Needs Crowns on Their Teeth


Your baby needs to eat, and if there is damage to their teeth, it will make the process difficult. If this is the case, you may need to find a way to get them additional dental support. This is where crowns come in. They temporarily offer reinforcement to the child’s teeth before the permanent ones grow.

Among the reasons why your baby’s teeth need help include broken teeth and decay. Children are prone to accidents, and with that comes broken teeth. Tooth decay, on the other hand, is a very important reason why your child needs crowns on their teeth.


Common Steps When Restoring Milk Teeth With a Crown


When you visit your pediatric dentist for your child’s crown appointment, there are common procedures that they will undergo. Your pediatric dentist will first numb the gum around the teeth that need help. After that, they will place a dental dam there before removing the decay. Next, they will shape your child’s teeth to fit the steel crowns. Unlike adults, a child’s crown can be put in one procedure.


Types of Stainless-Steel Crowns


There are three common kinds of pediatric dental steel crowns available. First among them are crowns with straight sides. These are crowns that follow the margins of the gingival contours of your child’s teeth. The dentist can opt to trim the necessary portions of the gingival margins.

The second option involves prosthetic steel crowns. These are difficult for your child to adapt to. The third option involves aesthetic crowns. They are new in the dental industry. They may not be ideal for a toddler because they are bulky and expensive.


Stainless Steel Dental Crown Option


According to the pediatric dental governing body, steel dental crowns are the best option when dealing with dental crown issues in children. This is because their advantages include:

  • Less sensitive than other options

  • Fully protects the tooth

  • Does not need follow-up treatment

  • Best for kids that require general anesthesia

  • Is affordable and durable

  • Can work as a space maintainer

Stainless steel crowns are an ideal solution for parents with kids who require them. The shortfall is that this option is not available for all kids. They need to reside in an area that has that option available.

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