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Fixed dentures help patients avoid discomfort and slip from removable dentures. Learn more about the differences between fixed and removable dentures.

Dental implants are the leading solution for tooth loss. Learn more about dental implant FAQs here.

Dental fillings, also known as composite or tooth-colored fillings, are the most common type of dental procedure performed outside of dental cleanings and exams

In a long ago, but not forgotten, past, dentures were seen as the last resort and only used for those who did not take care of their natural teeth

It’s amazing to hear how many people view dentures as an old-fashioned form of restorative dentistry

Do you have any dental crowns? Most modern dental patients already have at least one, or can count on requiring one in the future

Do you know that iconic old expression that an “apple a day keeps the doctor away”

Did you live in the era when braces meant wearing wire and brackets on the teeth? Did you even find yourself wearing them

It is not at all unusual for a patient to view their cosmetic dentistry goals as just that – cosmetic

At Boss Dental Care in Corpus Christi, TX, we offer a full array of dentistry solutions that range from general and preventative dentistry to emergency dental care

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