Everything You Want to Know About Dentures

Everything You Want to Know About Dentures

Everything You Want to Know About Dentures

Everything You Want to Know About Dentures

October 13, 2017

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In a long ago, but not forgotten, past, dentures were seen as the last resort and only used for those who did not take care of their natural teeth. At that time in history, dentures were unsightly, uncomfortable, and often did not fit a person’s mouth properly. The good news is that things have changed in modern times. Nowadays, dentures look nearly the same as natural teeth, provided they are worn in the proper way.

If you are considering dentures, already have dentures, or just want to know more about dentures, we here at Boss Dental Care can help. We will answer the common questions associated with dentures, including what dentures are, how you will care for them, and what they can do to improve your oral health. We will ensure you have the information you need to determine whether dentures are an option that fits your needs.

Denture Basics

As you probably already know, dentures are artificial teeth and gums. They are formed to your specific mouth to fit well and offer the same benefits of natural teeth. Dentists who specialize in dentures create dentures that can be used to replace your lost or removed teeth.

Dentures can be partial dentures or full dentures, depending on your requirements. Partial dentures are designed to replace a handful of teeth that are missing, while full dentures will replace all the teeth on the bottom or top of your mouth. In either case, the dentures will be custom designed by a dentures dentist to match your existing teeth and fit your mouth perfectly visually.

Denture Materials

In the past, porcelain or plastic was used to make dentures, but that is no longer the case. Dentures nowadays are created of a hard resin, which can be more delicate than a natural tooth is. The part of the denture that resembles the gum line is made of a similar resin or a flexible polymer that ensures they fit the gums well.

They also require proper care in order to stand up to the years of use they can give you. In addition, this type of material does wear down over time, with many Corpus Christi dentists recommending you have a new set built about every five years.

Creating Dentures

Each pair of dentures is constructed according to your personal needs, in order to ensure they fit your mouth and are as comfortable as possible. After a dentist evaluates and measures your mouth, they will use those measurements to create your unique dentures.

Your final set of dentures will often take a bit of time to build. The dentist may need to take numerous casts to be sure they offer you a product with a great fit. Some people may be frustrated by waiting for this to occur, but in the end, it results in a better product that causes fewer problems down the line. Having a modicum of patience will go a long way, especially when considering the use of these dentures for years into the future.

Why People Choose Dentures

The majority of individuals who decide to seek out dentures due so based on already missing multiple teeth on both rows. Crowns and fillings are not as useful when there are gaps of three or more teeth, so dentures become the best option available. Your dentist in Corpus Christi will work with you to determine if you need partial or full dentures. That determination will relate to where the gaps in your teeth are located and how many teeth are missing.

Older individuals may find that simple wear and tear can cause teeth to break down over time. Dentures may be an excellent option to eliminate infections, stop the pain, and allow for an easier life where the mouth is concerned. A good dentist will always try to save teeth whenever possible, but will also let you know when dentures are the best option you have.

Differences Between Full Dentures and Partial Dentures

If you are missing all, or nearly all, of your natural teeth, a dentist in Corpus Christi will likely suggest that the remaining teeth be removed. This is especially likely to be the case if only a few natural teeth are remaining in the mouth. It is possible to build a custom denture that allows the remaining natural teeth to stay, but it often costs much more to do so and will give no benefit that a full denture would not.

If this is the option chosen, the remaining teeth will be removed at the restorative dentistry office of your choice. The Corpus Christi dentist will begin by evaluating your mouth and taking a cast. This will be followed by the dentist taking numerous measurements of your mouth. These measurements will be used to make a temporary denture. This is what you will use during the period when your gum tissue and jawbone are recovering from your remaining teeth being pulled.

This is required because after your teeth are extracted, your mouth will have a slightly different shape and size than it did before extraction took place. Your mouth will need to heal, and swelling will have to go down before you can have your permanent dentures fitted. In most cases, a period of about 12 weeks will be sufficient after the extraction. At that time, you can move from temporary to full dentures.

A partial denture, on the other hand, is similar to a full denture. However, it is designed only to replace some of your natural teeth. Your missing teeth will be replaced with a plastic frame that artificial teeth are attached to with a partial denture. There are actually two different types of partial dentures to choose from. The first is removable and can be cleaned just like a full denture set. The other is a constant fixture that remains in the mouth. Your Corpus Christi denture will help you decide on the right type of partial denture if you go that route.

Advantages of Dentures

Those who have lost many teeth will find the largest benefit from wearing dentures. The alternative, or doing nothing, can lead to problems with everyday activities like chewing, swallowing, and even speaking. Also, someone missing multiple teeth in a row may eventually experience sagging facial tissue. Dentures can help those people feel and look entirely normal again.

Those who have pain while chewing and eating can also find transformation through dentures. If you have had painful teeth for a long time, there is a massive amount of relief when the teeth are removed, and the pain is no longer present. Dentures are a painless alternative and can help with many of these problems. This is particularly the case in modern times, as the newest dentures are sturdy, flexible, and require little maintenance.

Of course, some people find it a bit overwhelming to consider the prospect of dentures, which is normal. However, keep in mind that your restorative dentist would not suggest them unless there was a good reason. He or she wants the best for you and believes that dentures are a better option than the teeth you currently have. The good news is that dentures are very common and allow a life similar to anyone else. There is little to worry about, and your dentist will tell you the same thing.

Disadvantages of Dentures

There are always obstacles to be found alongside the advantages, and we will look over those now. The biggest disadvantage that is commonly noted is simply that dentures are not natural teeth. However, at the point where dentures are recommended, it is too late to do much about this.

Some will find needing new dentures approximately every five years to be a disadvantage. It can be overwhelming or downright annoying to be required to go through the process of fitting twice a decade. This is needed, though, because of the face and mouth change over time. Getting new dentures ensures you have a set that fits properly and can allow you to do everything someone with natural teeth can.

The cost of dentures can be another disadvantage, especially for those with financial problems. Dentures are made to be durable and intended to be used for many years, but this also means they can initially be quite expensive. That said, the cost does reflect the quality that you get with the dentures. Nevertheless, for those who are watching their finances, this price point can be a real disadvantage.

Finally, some people find that they do not like dentures the same way they did their natural teeth. This might be because of the appearance of the dentures, or the fact that it is possible others will notice the person is wearing dentures. Having this view can lead to unhappiness with the dentures, no matter how well-made and optimized for the mouth they are.

Denture Wear
People wear dentures during the daylight hours, while they are removed at night to soak in a cleaning solution. This makes certain the dentures are disinfected and free of any harmful bacteria. It also gives your mouth a break and the ability to do what it needs to do to stay clean and healthy. At night, your gum tissue will relax, and saliva will play a part in removing any food particles or other debris from the mouth. This is important for those who wear dentures and those who have natural teeth.

You will find at Boss Dental Care that we can help you determine how much to wear the dentures and how long to allow your mouth to rest. In the case of new denture wearers, the rules may be different. Sometimes, you may be asked to wear the dentures overnight in order to determine if any soreness is present the following day. If this is the case, the restorative dentist can make changes and adjustments to your dentures, so they more properly fit your mouth.

Denture Maintenance and Care

Many people find it surprising that dentures are fairly easy to care for. They will often be taken out at night and place in a cleaning solution or a glass of water. They also require brushing, but this can be done before they are placed in the mouth. Sometimes, those who have an older pair of dentures may also want to inquire with their dentist about a deep cleaning, but this is rare and not a part of everyday maintenance.

Denture Misconceptions

Some people believe that an adhesive is required with dentures, but that is not the truth. Dentures that fit the mouth properly will not need adhesive at all, as the natural suction of the mouth will keep them in place. It is recommended to avoid adhesives altogether unless your dentist has specifically requested that you use one. This can occur when you age and the gums recede.

However, even then, many Corpus Christi dentists will suggest that you remove the dentures and get a pair that better fits the mouth. This, on its own, will eliminate the need for any messy adhesives or glues.

Another misconception is that you have to consider what you eat at all times when using dentures. That is also not true. While dentures do not play well with sticky or hard foods, everything else is completely fine to consume while wearing them. Gum is another item that can cause problems, but other foods are fine to be consumed while using dentures. Overall, as long as you avoid the three items listed above, you will be able to eat in an entirely normal manner.

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