Pros and Cons of ClearCorrect

Pros and Cons of ClearCorrect

Pros and Cons of ClearCorrect

Pros and Cons of ClearCorrect

August 15, 2017

Corpus Christi Dentist

Clear Correct

ClearCorrect is the newest in clear corrective braces technology, allowing patients to have control over the look and feel of their teeth. Our dentists in Corpus Christi want to give you a better understanding of this cosmetic dentistry procedure and have devised a list of the biggest pros and cons of ClearCorrect to help you understand what may be best for you. This is one of the best orthodontic treatments for those who wish to correctly align their teeth and work on a better and brighter smile.


ClearCorrect can repair crooked teeth and help fix bites that aren’t quite right. Here are some of the biggest reasons why our Corpus Christi specialists would recommend ClearCorrect:

  • ClearCorrect is invisible. While wearing the devices, they are virtually undetectable. You can wear them with ease and comfort without having to be bogged down by traditional metal braces.

  • Remove them at your leisure. You can take the invisible aligners out to clean them. That way, you’ll have easier access to brushing your teeth, which can keep you free of bacteria and plaque.

  • ClearCorrect keeps you out of the office. This alternative to traditional braces does not require as many visits to the orthodontist as metal braces do. You only need replacements every few weeks.


While ClearCorrect is an advanced and effective procedure, it isn’t for everyone. Consider these few drawbacks before deciding to invest in this product:

  • You have to be responsible. Since you can remove the ClearCorrect trays at your leisure, you need to make sure you keep them in for the required amount of time, or else you won’t see any tooth correction.

  • You have to clean them. The aligners must be cleaned frequently, or else a buildup of food and dirt can cause them to become dirty and useless.

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If you want ClearCorrect aligners in your future, our Corpus Christi dentists at Boss Dental Care will be glad to help. We can refer you to a clear aligners specialist who can get you fitted and started on a plan for better alignment. Visit our office or call us at 361-245-5400 to speak with our orthodontists right away. You can also visit our contact page to see a full range of the services and plans we have to offer. At Boss Dental Care, we always accept new patients!

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