What Happens During a Dental Teeth Cleaning?

What Happens During a Dental Teeth Cleaning?

What Happens During a Dental Teeth Cleaning?

What Happens During a Dental Teeth Cleaning?

March 03, 2022

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Are you among those who are not sure what happens during a dental teeth cleaning? You might have an idea that the dentist inspects your mouth for gingivitis and cavities. You may also know that the dental hygienist cleans your teeth. However, the details of the process may not be clear to you. 


Learning what goes on during a dental visit can help you get rid of your anxiety and prepare you for your next visit to the dentist. A trip to the dentist can be terrifying for most people. They simply could not get around the idea of someone picking around in their mouth. However, this is necessary. 


Teeth cleaning is a way to prevent severe oral issues and curtail other problems before they develop. Yearly or bi-yearly visits can help prevent cavities from getting out of control, remove plaque, dislodge tartar buildup, and significantly minimize your risk of developing gum disease. 

This is what happens when you go in for a teeth cleaning procedure:






At the onset, a dental hygienist will examine your gums and teeth. They will use a mirror tool to get a good look at all the corners in your mouth. They will check for inflamed gums and dark spots on your teeth. Inflamed gums are signs of gingivitis, while dark spots on your teeth are cavities forming.


Removing Plaque and Tartar



After the examination, the hygienist uses a scaler tool to remove plaque and tartar from between your teeth and around your gumline. Plaque is from bacteria that build up in your mouth. It causes cavities in your teeth. If left unchecked for a long time, it hardens to form tartar. You can remove plaque through brushing, but only a dentist can remove tartar.



Power Polishing



The dentist removes stains and other marks after removing the tartar. They do this using a special brush and toothpaste. You will tell them the flavor of the toothpaste you prefer before they begin. The hygienist will use a gritty toothpaste and an electric brush to clean the teeth thoroughly. The toothpaste leaves the teeth looking smooth and shiny.



Dental Flossing



After polishing the teeth, the hygienist will proceed to floss them. It is just like your daily oral habits, flossing right after brushing. The flossing helps remove any particles or plaque left between your teeth. The hygienist will show you flossing techniques to improve your oral hygiene.



Fluoride Treatment



The last process in cleaning your teeth is the fluoride treatment. Fluoride protects your teeth from cavities for a few months until your next visit. They will ask you the flavor you prefer. 

They will then use a mouthpiece to stick the foamy gel over your teeth. The foam remains on your teeth for about a minute. The hygienist may also paint on your teeth with fluoride varnish. This varnish will harden when it encounters saliva.


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