What Is A Full Mouth Reconstruction?

What Is A Full Mouth Reconstruction?

What Is A Full Mouth Reconstruction?

What Is A Full Mouth Reconstruction?

April 7, 2020

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Full Mouth Reconstruction

As the name may imply, a full mouth reconstruction involves replacing or restoring all of the teeth in your mouth. This procedure involves aesthetics and restorative dentistry. The goal of the procedure is to improve your smile’s function, health, and beauty.

Who Needs a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

There are many patients who have dental problems that include the entire mouth and your dentist will comprehensively treat these issues based on a treatment plan. While your dentist will be able to tell you if you are a good candidate for this procedure, you might be a good candidate for a full mouth reconstruction if you have teeth with large fillings, many missing teeth, worn teeth, or broken teeth caused by, for example, decay and teeth grinding.

Getting a Reconstruction

Before the process can begin, you will need to get a comprehensive oral exam from your dentist. The dentist can examine everything from your gums to your teeth to your jaw. You’ll most likely have photos, X-rays, and impressions made of your teeth which will all be used to create models of your teeth, as well as a model of your bite.

After gathering this information, the dentist will create a comprehensive treatment plan so the issues can be corrected. It is a good idea to get a detailed description of the treatment plan in writing which will allow you to late review and come up with any questions as you will want to understand both the risks and the benefits of the procedure.

What a Reconstruction Involves

Your dentist will be able to determine what each reconstruction will involve. Since each case is unique, the dentist will use a combination of procedures to restore your smile. However, you can expect to make multiple visits to your dentist’s office because sometimes, treatment can take a year or longer, depending on what needs to be done. Some treatments you may receive include:

  • Periodontal care

  • Surgery to change the position of the jaw

  • Temporary restorations so you can get used to the feel

  • Gum tissue contouring to create a more balanced smile

  • Reduction of tooth structure to better place bridges or crowns

  • Crown lengthening

  • Orthodontics

If you have missing teeth, for instance, you might receive dental implants. However, before getting implants, you might need to have bone or soft tissue grafting in order for your jaw to better support the bone. One reason the reconstruction process can take several months is that you will need time to heal between the procedures.

A dentist will also take into account the relationship between your upper and lower teeth. If your bite does not properly align, the teeth may become worn again. Orthodontics or even jaw surgery might be used to help make sure your bite is properly aligned which can help your teeth to function better as well.

If you would like to learn more about the full mouth reconstruction procedure, our skilled dental team at Boss Dental Care would love to talk to you. Contact our office in Corpus Christi, TX, today at 361-245-5400 to set up your consultation appointment.

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