What’s the Difference Between Veneers and Crowns?

What’s the Difference Between Veneers and Crowns?

What’s the Difference Between Veneers and Crowns?

What’s the Difference Between Veneers and Crowns?

February 28, 2021

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Having a great smile is a major feature of your facial aesthetics. To ensure that you have a disarming smile, you must have an attractive set of teeth. If you are looking for ways to restore your dental look, it is best to consider two common options. These options are either veneers or crowns.


Each of these dental treatments has the advantage of improving your smile but with some significant differences between them. Herein are some things to consider before settling for either procedure.


Difference Between a Crown and Veneer


A crown is a porcelain or a porcelain fused alloy that your dentist uses to cover your teeth. This coating is approximately two millimeters thick. This coating can either cover a portion of your tooth or the whole of it, depending on what you require.


Veneers, on the other hand, contain a one-millimeter thin additional layer on your teeth. They consist of either porcelain or other special ingredients.


Preparation of the Different Procedures


You may hear or read different conclusions on each treatment. For instance, some people find the veneer procedure less intrusive than crowns. The truth is the veneer procedure requires the removal of a lesser portion of your tooth to fit the veneer. A simple veneer placement will only require your dentist to remove a slim portion of your enamel.


Preparation of the crowning procedure may require trimming up to 75 percent of your tooth. This trimming is a must to facilitate the placement of your crown.


Which Is the Best Choice




Choosing to have crowns is best if you are suffering from many underlying dental issues. Your dentist may advise you to have crowns if your teeth have cracks or are breaking badly. They may also help if you are to undergo a root canal. Once the crown is in place, it protects your teeth from further damage. The two millimeters thick crown can restore full function to your teeth.




Your dentist will recommend veneers if you have minor dental issues, or if you prefer to improve their aesthetic value. Some of the minor dental issues ideal for veneers are when your teeth are suffering from cracks, stains, and chips. It also helps with your superficial alignments and gaps between your teeth. Veneers are predominantly for aesthetic purposes as they do more to improve your appearance than to cure any dental issues.




The individual cost of each of these procedures is not very different. The average cost for either procedure may cost you around $1000. This price is dependent on the materials that you will need for either procedure. The cost of having a tooth crown procedure can be within your insurance cover. Some veneers are within the cosmetic bracket, meaning you will have to pay out-of-pocket.


It is best to improve your home dental care after having any of these procedures. This helps your teeth remain strong and avoid future dental costs. If you are not sure what procedure is best for you, consult your dentist for more information on what procedure suits you.


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