Why Is Oral Health Important to Overall Health

Why Is Oral Health Important to Overall Health

Why Is Oral Health Important to Overall Health

Why Is Oral Health Important to Overall Health

May 28, 2020

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The mouth is often an overlooked aspect of overall health management. In fact, results from a survey in 2012 conducted by the American Dental Association showed that many people are not familiar with some basic information on proper dental care. These include questions about what causes dental cavities and when you are supposed to replace your toothbrush, to name a few. Your oral health can reflect your well-being, showing signs of disease or infection before you suffer from other symptoms. That’s why it is essential to emphasize how vital oral health is to your overall health.


Reasons Why Good Oral Health Is Crucial to Your Well-Being


As you may have observed, oral health can affect people’s lives in ways that are usually taken for granted. Good oral hygiene can improve your ability to smile, speak, taste, chew, and swallow; it can also enhance your ability to communicate, show feelings and emotions, and make facial expressions. Here’s why good oral health is essential to your overall health:


· It helps preserve your teeth - There are many reasons why you may lose your tooth. These include forgetting to brush your teeth at least twice a day, failure to maintain a diet low in sugar, and skipping regular visits to your dentist. Besides, studies have shown that the number of teeth you have is strongly correlated to how long you will live. It has been found that those subjects who managed to keep at least 20 teeth by the time they turned 70 years old had a considerably greater odds of living longer than their counterparts with fewer teeth than that number.


· It reduces the risk of diseases - Keeping your mouth healthy reduces your risk of developing gum diseases, certain cancers, and some forms of dementia. It has been found that people who have healthy gums tend to be 70 percent less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease as compared to those who have developed gum disease.


· It helps maintain your appearance - Keeping your mouth clean can prevent bad breath, which is an undesirable and embarrassing condition usually caused by plaque buildup. It is common and a symptom of tooth decay and gum disease. Another way that poor oral hygiene can affect your appearance is tooth staining. It is not harmful and hardly has any impact on your oral health. Although tooth staining comes with the natural wear and tear often associated with certain habits, such as smoking and drinking coffee, tea, or red wine, it can still make you feel self-conscious.


Keeping a good dental care routine contributes to a positive, healthy life. By taking charge of your overall health, you can be empowered and achieve peace of mind. Like in all other medical health goals, preventive care is crucial to help you save time and money.


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